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Horse trainer

Corinne was riding horses about as soon as she could walk. After growing up with a background in western and huntseat, Corinne was turned on to the sport of eventing in 2001. She developed a deep appreciation for dressage which she uses as the basis for all of her teaching.
She actively competes at events in Area I. In 2012, she was Area I BN Champion, and also earned a Gold Medal in the Novice division, aboard Star Quality, owned by the Haberland Family. In 2016, Corinne earned a gold medal in Novice division with Halcyon's Keepsake. And in 2017, again with Halcyon's Keepsake, she was able to earn another gold Medal, this time in the Training division.

Currently, Corinne has a few young mares she is developing at home.  Expect to see them out in Area 1 soon.

Millbrook Horse Trials

August 4th, 2017

 Training Rider A division, Corinne and Halcyon's Keepsake take on the water complex with ease! 

Corinne piloting her mare Luna around her first BN course in 2022

Luna XC BN.jpg

Establishing some solid groundwork prior to backing Remi pony

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